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Forum up + Calendars + update

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:42 pm

Fill this place with as much info as possible, run your respective pages like they're your own, and share all the ideas you can. Let's get talking!

Anyone who wants post to the website calendar contact me directly

So some big updates.

Good News

We are in the progress of securing a distribution centre in Leeds via the great people of Leeds City Council. The centre combined with the logistical support network will help coordinate donations to a variety of Camps (Calais and beyond) where donations are badly needed. As well as to groups and organisations working on the domestic front who have immediate needs as well. This will allow us to greatly ease the burden on donation points throughout Yorkshire who are currently running at capacity, and will make sure every donation gathered will be put to its maximum use.

Bad News

Due to the wheels of bureaucracy turning slower than my happy heart had wished for - the time frame for this centre coming on line is 7-10 days. We're very sorry for the delay and understand many of you are suffering with wall bursting contributions, and floor to ceiling storage conundrums.
However we must not be dissuaded or panic - we must maintain the momentum we have all generated and stay focused on the task at hand. Through unity, strength, grit and determination we can all build something that will not only bring relief and dignity to those across the globe, but will allow us to make our precious county a green and pleasant land for all. Remember when the stress bubbles up and all the walls are closing in - never has their existed a true Yorkshire citizen, whether true born, or adopted. who cannot carry the weight of the world on their shoulders - you are strong. Bite down, dig deep, and don't panic - the tide is turning.

Site news

I have a created this forum - for those unfamiliar with forums there's a good FAQ and signup is very simple! I think an area where individuals can discuss ideas, and groups can display their resources, and communicate more efficiently together could be a useful tool.
Organisers and Admins of groups please get in contact and I can give you control of you're own Page on the forum. This will actually give you more control over the information being presented than your facebook pages.
The forum also has a calendar feature where groups and individuals can post their upcoming events, meetings, fundraisers, transportation movements, I thought this might aid in coordination between the groups.
There's also a chat room at the bottom of the page where you can login and talk live with other people on the page at that the same time.
I hope it's a useful tool

Good luck everyone and keep it up.


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