Quick forum guide (please read first)

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Quick forum guide (please read first)

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:05 pm

Please use the appropriate categories to post information and have relevant discussions (general discussion in the Agora is a great place where all unrelated topics and ideas can be discussed).

Click register and become a member to post new topics and replies. (General Discussion in the Agora is open to all - registered and unregistered can post here)

Aid Orgs get in contact and get your own page to use and operate.  

See the Calendar guide on how to use it.

The purposes of this forum

1. Give individuals a space where they can learn about initiatives in their area and engage with them - by offering their support, donations, and new ideas.

2. Allow Aid organisations to post up to date and easily accessible information on their resources, wants, needs, and events (please post events on the Calendar in the Nav Bar).

3. Facilitate coordination and communication by giving all members the ability to come together, pool resources, and discuss the best way to help those most in need.

How to use this forum

1.  Use the appropriate categories to post your information and questions.

2.  Use the Calendar to post events in your area (meetings, sorting days, transportation days etc.....)

3. Engage with topics and in conversations, by offering your own ideas to produce amazing things

4.  Ask for help!  Whether you're an individual who wants help starting an initiative, or if you're a group who needs help with resources, funding, volunteers or transportation post in the call for help section.


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