Distribution centre update

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Distribution centre update

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 24, 2015 5:11 pm

Ok so the distribution centre 1.0 is having it's first run this Sunday hoping to clear the backlog, from the other local areas - thank you Leeds city council.

Distribution center 2.0 fingers crossed should be up and running in a week or so - thank you to the wonderful Leeds city of Sanctuary and Leeds city council.

the distribution centres will operate in the following way.

The distribution centres will be taking in all items with some flammable exceptions (no gas canisters). Items requested in the Aid camps will be directed and transported there either by our own transport network, or passed on to convoys and other transportation groups making their way south. Women's and children's clothes will either be redirected to groups taking them to where they are needed abroad such as Leeds2Iraq Appeal and clothes for Kos, or sent to local refugee centres and other local charitable causes where they are needed and will be used domestically. Food items which are deemed unwanted by groups abroad will be redirected to local groups which will make best use of them such as PAFRAS and other charitable organisations. Items donated which are considered unwanted by all groups currently contacted will result in a search for and distribution to other areas where they are needed and can best serve their purpose. This Sunday will be a trial run of Distribution centre 1.0 taking in donations from local are. Which if everything goes to plan and the system works will start accepting donations from the wider Yorkshire area the following week. The much larger distribution centre which has been given the imaginative name distribution centre 2.0 sourced by the fantastic Leeds City of Sanctuary and again provided by the wonderful Leeds City Council should hopefully be coming online within the next week or so. The idea behind these centres is to enable quick and fast sortation followed by fast and regular distribution allowing donation points to operate a regular and more continuous service.


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