Aid Orgs and members please read here

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Aid Orgs and members please read here

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:44 am

Hey Guys! Hope you're all fantastic!

So the forum has a Calendar feature you can find on your NAV bar where you can post your upcoming events - like sorting days, transportation times, meetings, fundraisers etc...... We thought it might be a good way for you guys to keep each other in the loop as to your activities. I'm also going to make a calendar on the main page ( which you will be able to interact with as well.

Also I thought it would be good if each Organisation had a separate page where you can your most up to date information these can be found in the Aid organisations section, (unlisted orgs please get in contact and I'll set yours up too). If you send me the details of people you want managing these pages I can give them controls over them which will allow you more control over highlighting and editing information than your current Facebook pages. So just drop me a line and I'll set them up or take them down when you want.

New or as yet uncontacted groups please get in contact with me at

As always I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have, and let me know about any ideas or issues you have and I will try and remedy/implement them ASAP.

Hope this helps.


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